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60 Minute Group Walk:  An hour long on-leash walk close to your neighbourhood with 1 or 2 compatible dogs.  Perfect for some socializing and building confidence around other dogs.


60 Minute Private Walk:  An hour long on-leash walk either in your neighbourhood or one of the local trails.  Perfect for a dog that is not comfortable around other dogs or if you want some time spent getting a dog to walk comfortably on leash.


2 Hour Group Walk:  A two hour on-leash tour with 2 other compatible dogs.  Perfect for those dogs needing more excercise.


2 Hour Private Walk:  2 hours of special attention and on a local trail.


Save 10% when you pre-pay 10 walks

Save 15% when you pre-pay 20 walks

Group walks depend on temperament

Quick Breaks

Toilet Break:  A 15 minute visit to take your pet outside for a toilet break and check up on food/water.  Perfect for the dogs who cannot make it through the day.


30 Minute Walk:  A quick 30 minute on-leash walk around your neighbourhood.  Perfect for the older dog or those not requiring much excercise​


Group and Private walks

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